'' ' ' '' ' ' ' ' ' ' ''
' ' ' ' ' ' '' '' ' ' ''
'' 'Badlands' ' ' ' ' 'Art Form' 'Ask Alma' 'Avalon Sunset'
' ' '' '' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'Alion Gold' (SDB)
'Beverly Sills' 'Bold Vision' 'Black Tie Affair' 'Brides Halo' 'Blue Aristocrat' 'Blackcurrant' (IM)' 'Debrene'
'Antiquity' 'Ask Alma' (IM) () 'Aura Light' 'Austar Pink' 'Dark Passion' 'Bamboo Shadows' ' '
' ' '' ' ' 'Awesome Blossom' 'Ballroom'. 'Big Squeeze' 'Add it Up' (SDB)
'Aggressively Forward' 'Amplified' 'Announcement' 'Arabian Story' 'Blackcurrant' (IM) 'Bold Encounter' 'Black Cherry Delight' (SDB)
'Delta Blues' 'Bonus Light' 'Boysenberry Buttercup' 'Breakers' 'Brickle' (IM) 'Brickle' (IM) 'Brazen Beauty'
'Braggadocio' 'Coral Point' 'Dudels Redel' 'Burgermeister' 'Capit City Jazz' 'Champagne Walts' 'Differend World'
'Braun' 'Bridal Icing' 'Captiv Sun' (SDB) 'Cee Jay' (IM) 'Cee Jay' (IM) 'Celsius' (SDB) 'Chanted' (SDB)
'Charleston' 'Captiv Sun' (SDB) 'Cascade Spring' 'Copatonic' 'Change of Pace' 'Chasing Rainbows' 'Classic Hues'
'Clue' (SDB) 'Cocoa Pink' (SDB) 'Cranberry Sause' 'Creme d' Or' 'Crimson Lights' 'Deep Dark Secret' 'Descanco'
'Cover Page' 'Bubble Dancer' 'Coral Point' 'But Beautiful' 'Bye Bye Blues' 'Devonshire Cream' 'Halo in Peach'
'Color Tart' 'Cocoa Pink' 'Act of Kindness' 'Arctic Express' 'Bedevil' 'Lace Legacy' 'Cranapple'
'Creme D' Or' 'Crowned Heads' 'Dance Hall Dandy' 'Exactitude' 'Fashion Designer' 'Decadens' 'Ennoble'
'Diamond Bracelet' 'Diggles' (SDB) 'Double Byte' (SDB) 'Double Vision' 'Elegaball' 'Elegaball' 'Erotic Touch'
'Fireland' 'Flitters' 'Footloose' 'Evergreen Hideaway' 'Ebony Angel' 'Eleanors Pride' 'Gypsy Romance'
'Diabolique' 'Erotic Touch' 'Feature Attraction' 'Dynamite' 'Fancy Woman' 'Earthborn' 'Fashionably Late'
'Laced Cotton' 'Foreign Statesman' 'Fiery Temper' 'Frosty Elegance' 'First Movement' 'Flight Commander' 'Great Gatsby'
'Hook' 'Habit' 'Infinity Ring' 'Glowing Smile' 'Gratuity' 'Happenstance' 'Haute Couture'
'Eye Wonder' (IM) 'Fancy Woman' 'For your Love' (IM) 'Guardian Angel' 'Guideword' (SDB) 'Heartbreak Hotel' 'Gypsy Geena'
'Holy Fire' 'Honey House' 'Honky Tonk Blues' 'Fringe Benefits' 'Judy Mogil' 'La Valse' 'High Class'
'Jurassic Park' 'Jump Start' (IM) 'Hollywood Nights' 'Keeping up Appearances' 'Hoodlum' (SDB) 'Ice and Indigo' (SDB) 'Lacy Day'
'Lark Assending' 'Magic Raiment' 'Last Song' 'Latin Lark' 'Lenten Prayer' 'Man About Town' 'Into the Night'
'Kevins Theme' 'Infernal Fire' 'Lady Laree' 'Mountain Majesty' 'Musica Romantica' 'Near Myth' (SDB) 'Poetess'
'Jazzamatazz' (SDB)' 'Jump Start '(IM) 'Metolius Blues' 'Motto' (SDB) 'Lingering Love' 'Lois Parrish' 'Lore' (SDB)
'Moon Light' (IM) 'Mallory Kay' 'Patricia Claire' 'My Valentine' 'Mastery' 'Midnight Oil' 'Molon Hanny'
'Rip City' 'No Contest' (SDB) 'Orange Design' (SDB) 'Pearls and Gold' 'Navajo Code' 'Music Opalescent Dream' 'New Leaf'
'Our House' 'Peach Ruffles' (SDB) 'Pumpin Iron' 'Peppermint Cream' 'Presentations' 'Secret Rites' 'Serendipity Elf' (SDB)
'Nordica' 'Presentations' 'Leta Black' 'Larue Boswell' 'Mulled Wine' 'Ostentatious' 'Mallory Kay'
'Ruby Morn' 'Music' 'Plum Fun' 'Shadow Warrior' 'Queen Annes Lace' 'Six Pack' () 'Synergy' (IM)
'Sigh' (SDB) 'Six Pack' 'Pure Allure' (SDB) 'Pure as the' 'Qualified' 'Obsidian' 'Ransom Note'
'Pinball Wizard' 'Pledge Allegiance' 'Rio' 'Rustic Seddar' (IM) 'Salsa Rio' 'Smiling Faces' 'Rocket Master'
'Romantic Gentleman' 'Ring Around Rosy' 'Royal Storm' 'Strange Kind of Woman' 'Sotto Voce' 'Starring' 'Social Graces'
'Schizo' 'Rosette Wine' 'Snickers' (SDB) 'Spirit Mountain' 'Stardock' 'Torero' 'Verismo'
'Rock Star' 'Shotin Sparks' 'Sierra Grande' 'Santa' 'Saturday Night Live' 'Rich in Spirit' 'Rip City'
'Solemn Promise' 'Spring Image' 'Silverado' 'Skaywalker' 'Sweet Musette' 'Swingtown' 'Synergy' (IM)
'Starcristo' 'Solemn Promise' 'Supreme Sultan' 'Solo Music' 'Spiced Custard' 'Sea Power' 'Sue Zee'
'Strike it Rich' 'Strozzapreti' 'Vita Fire' 'Victoria Falls' 'Tom Johonson' 'Titled' (SDB) 'Wintry Sky'
'Tantrum' 'Telepathy' 'Thornbird' 'Thunder Spirit' 'Whispering Spirits' 'White' (SDB) 'World Without End'
'Sunny Bubbles' 'Trajectory' 'Toasted Watermelon' 'Webmaster' 'Vienna Waltz' 'Status Seecer' 'Star Surge'
'Swasi Princess' 'World Premier' 'World Premier' 'Swingtown' 'Titans Glory' 'Winterland' 'Vizier'
'Wearing Rubies' 'Uncle Charlie' 'Welders Flame' (SDB) 'Wench'