2023 :


Action Packed (Paul Black 2011)

Adoranova (Barry Blyth 2012)

Adoree (Barry Blyth 2006)

Affair to Remember (Paul Black 2015)

Afternoon Colours (Barry Blyth 2007)

Agua Fresca (Schreiner 2010)

Air of Mystery (Barry Blyth 2007)

Ancient Secrets (Barry Blyth 2009)

Another Woman (Barry Blyth 2008)

Amorous Heart (Barry Blyth 2010)

Alpine Butterfly (Barry Blyth 2008)

Amarillo Frills (Ben Hager 2002)

Amber Essence (Barry Blyth 2006)

Ambertime (Barry Blyth 2011)

Augustine (Oscar Schick 2004)

Attractive Lady (Thomas Johnson 2007)

Barbara May (Thomas Johnson 2007)

Battle of the Bands (Michael Sutton 2010)

Black is Black (Schreiner 2010)

Boulevard Jazz (Barry Blyth 2009)

Arctic Burst (Roger Duncan 2008)

Are We in Love (Barry Blyth 2011)

Aristocracy (Keith Keppel 2005)

Ask Me Nicely (Barry Blyth 2012)

Astrology (Thomas Johnson 2007)

Born this Way (Thomas Johnson 2015)

Boundless (Michael Sutton 2009)

Ballerina Queen (Barry Blyth 2007)

Baltic Sea (Thomas Johnson 2008)

Bamboo Shadows (Keith Keppel 2005)

Be Original (Joseph Ghio 2008)

Avenue of Dreams (Barry Blyth 2009)

Bequest (Barry Blyth 2013)

Berry Scary (Paul Black 2005)

Berserk (Thomas Johnson 2013)

Beacon of Light (Thomas Johnson 2013)

Beauty School (Barry Blyth 2011)

Bring Me Diamonds (Barry Blyth 2015)

Brouhaha (Joseph Ghio 2011)

Cafe D`Amour (Barry Blyth 2008)

Black Magic Woman (Richard Tasco 2008)

Blackalicious (Schreiner 2006)

Blueberry Parfait (Schreiner 2009)

Blutique (Virginia Messick 1998)

Bolshoi (Keith Keppel)

Butterfly Affair (Barry Blyth 2013)

Careless Whisper (Barry Blyth 2007)

Carnival Capers (Barry Blyth 2006)

Champagne and Strawberries (Barry Blyth 2007)

Charismatic (George Sutton 2010)

Wonders Never Cease (Paul Black 2007)

Bowled Over (Joseph Ghio 2004)

Bratislavan Prince (Anton Mego 2009)

Brazilian Art (Keith Keppel 2008 )

Brilliant Disguise (Thomas Johnson 2008)

Bubble Bubble (Joseph Ghio 2004)

Bubbling Waves (Joseph Ghio 2005)

Buccaneer s Prize (Barry Blyth 2009)

Buongiorno (Barry Blyth 2011)

Bush Honey (Barry Blyth 2014)

Call Me Maybe (Thomas Johnson 2013)

Calling Cadence (Robert Van Liere 2009)

Candy Club (Lesley Painter 2005)

Candy Colours (Barry Blyth 2008)

Captain Thunderbolt (Barry Blyth 2011)

Cat Call (Paul Black 2007)

Catch My Breath (Thomas Johnson 2015)

Catwalk (Barry Blyth 2010)

Catwalk Queen (Thomas Johnson 2011)

Celtic Fire (John Bruce 2009)

Cinderellas Secret (Barry Blyth 2011)

Circle of Light (Paul Black 2009)

Colour Bazaar (Barry Blyth 2012)

Colourable (Barry Blyth 2008)

Country Picnic (Paul Black 2013)

Cheap (Paul Black 2007)

Cheap Frills (Paul Black 2009)

Cher and Cher Alike (Paul Black 2013)

Chestnuts Roasting (Lesley Blyth, 2010)

Chocolatier (Barry Blyth 2014)

Claim to Fame (Paul Black 2011)

Clash of Titans (Paul Black 2013)

Class Ring (Keith Keppel 2009)

Coffee Shop (Barry Blyth 2007)

Coffee Trader (Barry Blyth 2004)

Coralina (Thomas Johnson 2014)

Crowns for Credit (Barry Blyth 2007)

Current Events (Joseph Ghio 2003)

Dazzle (Joseph Ghio 2010)

Decadens (Barry Blyth 2001)

Colours of the Wind (Barry Blyth 2014)

Comedy (Joseph Ghio 2006)

Comfortable (Joseph Ghio 2006)

Common Thread (Thomas Johnson 2012)

Copper Clouds (Barry Blyth 2007)

Cozy Cotton (Michael Sutton 2015)

Crackling Caldera (J. Terry Aitken 2003)

Crete (Thomas Johnson 2008)

Cross My Heart (Barry Blyth 2012)

Crowned in Glory (Thomas Johnson 2014)

Dance a Dance (Barry Blyth 2011)

Dancing in Lemon (Graeme Grosvenor 2005)

Dare Me (Paul Black 2013)

Daring Deception (Thomas Johnson 2012)

Dark Drama (Keith Keppel 2004)

Divergence (Michael Sutton 2010)

Don`t Stop Believing (Thomas Johnson 2013)

Edge of Heaven (Thomas Johnson 2013)

Edge of the World (Michael Sutton 2010)

Enter the Dragon (Barry Blyth 2008)

Devilicious (Barry Blyth 2010)

Diamond Bracelet (Schreiner 2004)

Diamond Broker (Barry Blyth 2014)

Diamonds and Rubies (Barry Blyth 2014)

Dipped in Dots (Paul Black 2011)

Double Chocolate (John Painter 2013)

Double Ringer (R. Ernst 2007)

Dracula`s Kiss (Schreiner 2009)

Dragon Dance (Barry Blyth, 2010)

Drama Queen (Keith Keppel 2002)

Edifice (Joseph Ghio 2008)

Electric Candy (Barry Blyth, 2010)

Embrace (Barry Blyth 2014)

Enchanted Memory (Schreiner 2009)

Enchanter (Barry Blyth 2002)

Entangled (Joseph Ghio 1999)

Fashion Diva (Thomas Johnson 2009)

Fashionista (Barry Blyth 2005)

Flashinator (Barry Blyth 2013)

Flutes Alfresco (Barry Blyth 2009)

Expose (Joseph Ghio 2003)

Eye for Style (Barry Blyth 2006)

Fall Fashion (Thomas Johnson 2007)

Fancy Gal (Richard Ernst 2007)

Fancy Stuff (Opal Brown 1998)

Final Episode (Barry Blyth 2001)

Fine Drop (Barry Blyth 2011)

First Avenue (Barry Blyth 2011)

First Wave (Richard Tasco 2002)

Flash of Light (Thomas Johnson 2008)

Flutterina (Barry Blyth 2009)

Fly Your Colors (Paul Black 2008)

Foolish Dreamer (Keith Keppel 2011)

Foreign Scandal (Barry Blyth 2009)

Fortunate Son (Schreiner 2006)

Frill of It All (Barry Blyth 2011)

Frilled to Bits (Barry Blyth 2009)

Fruited Plain (Michael Sutton 2011)

Full Figured (Thomas Johnson 2005)

Gates of Rome (Barry Blyth 2008)

Fratello Sole (Lorena Montanari 2009)

French Butterfly (Barry Blyth 2014)

Georgette Silk (Barry Blyth 2014)

Ginger Ice (Barry Blyth 2007)

Got the Melody (Schreiner 2009)

Giorgio (Paul Black 2013)

Girls Got Rhythm (Barry Blyth 2013)

Wild Angel (Thomas Johnson 2006)

Glamorama (Barry Blyth, 2010)

Good Morning Sunshine (Thomas Johnson2013) (2)

Grand Classic (Richard Tasco 2007)

Grapenut (Michael Sutton 2012)

Grapetizer (Thomas Johnson 2009)

Gypsy Geena (Barry Blyth 2003)

Gypsy Lord (Keith Keppel 2005)

Gorgeous Is (Barry Blyth 2007)

He Can Dance (Barry Blyth 2003)

Head Over Heels (Barry Blyth 2011)

Highland Lord (Richard Tasco 2009)

Hint of Danger (Barry Blyth 2007)

Hello Beautiful (Barry Blyth 2013)

Hello Darling (Thomas Johnson 2014)

Here Comes The Night (Schreiner 2009)

High Master (Barry Blyth 2000)

High Octane (Keith Keppel 2007)

Volcanic Glow (Keith Keppel 2011)

Hollywood Lights (Thomas Johnson 2011)

Hollywood Nights (Roger Duncan 2000)

Honey Dripper (Barry Blyth 2008)

Viking Dancer (Barry Blyth 2006)

Hornblower (Barry Blyth 2012)

Hot Danish (Barry Blyth 2011)

Hysteria (Barry Blyth 2008)

I Gotta Feeling (Barry Blyth 2010)

Iconic (Joseph Ghio 2009)

Honourable Lord (Barry Blyth 2009)

Hooked on a Feeling (Thomas Johnson 2015)

Im a Hussy (Barry Blyth 2012)

Impostor (Thomas Johnson 2006)

Jealous Halo (John Painter 2004)

Insaniac (Thomas Johnson 2012)

Italian Master (Barry Blyth 2007)

Jamaica Me Crazy (Barry Blyth 2006)

Jazz Band (Keith Keppel 2005)

Jazz Era (Keith Keppel 2009)

Jerilee (Don Nebeker 2000)

Juicy Rumours (B. Blyth 2005)

Just a Touch (Michael Sutton 2015)

Just before Dawn (Schreiner 2001)

Just Crazy (Barry Blyth 2007)

Kiss Me Please (Marvin Davis 2006)

Latte (Joseph Ghio 2008)

Lecture (Thomas Johnson 2007)

Lesley My Love (Lesley Blyth 2007)

Limerence (Barry Blyth 2009)

Lindas Child (Sterling Innerst 2003)

Lois Parrish (Paul Black 1997)

Jealous Guy (Barry Blyth 2009)

Just Witchery (Barry Blyth 2011)

Kings Point (Frederick Kerr 2006)

Looking Beautiful (Barry Blyth 2002)

Lost in Love (Thomas Johnson 2009)

Louisa`s Song (Barry Blyth 1999)

Love Actually (Barry Blyth 2004)

Love to Party (Barry Blyth 2008)

Machismo (Barry Blyth 2003)

Made You Look (Thomas Johnson 2011)

Magic By Gosh (Barry Blyth 2007)

Magic Happens (Joseph Ghio 2005)

Magic Masquerade (Paul Black 2008)

Magical Moment (Paul Black 2009)

Mahogany Magic (Thomas Johnson 2006)

Major League (Schreiner 2006)

Make Mine Magic (Barry Blyth 2012)

Mambo Italiano (Paul Black 2009)

Luxuriant Lothario (Barry Blyth 2008)

Lynette Blue (Thomas Johnson 2009)

Magic Mirror (Joseph Ghio 2015)

Magical (Joseph Ghio 2007)

Mandolin Wind (Barry Blyth 2010)

Master at Arms (Barry Blyth 2013)

Master of Disguise (Paul Black 2011)

Matters of the Heart (Barry Blyth 2011)

Mayan Dusk (Barry Blyth 2013)

Megarich (Barry Blyth 2012)

Merchant Marine (Keith Keppel 2006)

Merry Amigo (Barry Blyth 2009)

Mulberry Magic (Barry Blyth 2009)

Music of the Surf (Barry Blyth 2011)

Oasis Patches (Keith Chadwick 2000)

Mexican Holiday (Schreiner 2004)

Milan (Thomas Johnson 2007)

Mindful (Barry Blyth 2012)

Montmartre (Keith Keppel 2007)

Moonlit Water (Keith Keppel 2004)

My Beloved (Joseph Ghio 2008)

Mysterioso (Barry Blyth 2012)

Name Game (Paul Black 2011)

Never Been Kissed (Barry Blyth 2007)

Noble Gesture (Keith Keppel 2009)

Marching Band (Joseph Ghio 2005)

Nothing But Class (Barry Blyth 2011)

Orange Music (Barry Blyth 2013)

Orange Titan (J. Terry Aitken 2007)

Painted Flutes (Barry Blyth 2007)

Obsessed (Barry Blyth 2011)

One More Night (Roger Duncan 2010)

Opalescent Dream (Opal Brown 2002)

Open Sea (Keith Keppel 2002)

Opening Number (Paul Black 2010)

Oratorio (Barry Blyth 2004)

Orienteer (Barry Blyth 2009)

Original Cast (Thomas Johnson 2007)

Out of the Dark (Paul Black 2007)

Oxford Countess (Barry Blyth 2007)

Painted Words (Barry Blyth 2015)

Painter`s Touch (Thomas Johnson 2009)

Palace Symphony (Barry Blyth 2006)

Palace Treasure (Barry Blyth 2010)

Parisian Dawn (Keith Keppel 2005)

Pagan Knight (Barry Blyth 2009)

Party Guy (Thomas Johnson 2015)

Partys Over (Duane Meek 2005)

Photogenic (Joseph Ghio 2005)

Piccadilly Party (Barry Blyth 2010)

Passionista (Barry Blyth 2014)

Peekaboo Zebu (Brad Kasperek 2005)

Perfect Lady (Anton Mego 2009)

Performing Arts (Keith Keppel 2005)

Petal Pushers (John Painter 2006)

Pirate Ahoy (Barry Blyth 2005)

Pirate Queen (Barry Blyth 2012)

Platinum Class (Barry Blyth 2006)

Platinum Passion (Barry Blyth 2011)

Plot Line (Joseph Ghio 2010)

Pop Music (Barry Blyth 2008)

Poster Girl (Barry Blyth 2009)

Prague (Thomas Johnson 2004)

Pretty as a Picture (Paul Black, R 2011)

Pretty Kitty (Keith Keppel, R 2010)

Polka (Thomas Johnson 2009)

Pop Idol (Joseph Ghio 2007)

Pretty Swish (Barry Blyth 2006)

Pretty Witch (Barry Blyth 2007)

Rasputin (Thomas Johnson 2011)

Prince of Hearts (Barry Blyth 2010)

Private Eye (Thomas Johnson 2010)

Queen of Angels (Schreiner 1995)

Racing at Randwick (Graeme Grosvenor 2007)

Rainbow High (Keith Keppel 2008)

Rarer than Rubies (Barry Blyth 2006)

Restless Heart (Keith Keppel 2005)

Rhythm of Love (Barry Blyth 2011)

Rogue Trader (Barry Blyth 2007)

Romantic Gentleman (Barry Blyth 2002)

Ready for My Closeup (Paul Black 2013)

Reckless Abandon (Keith Keppel 2009)

Reckless in Denim (Barry Blyth 2005)

Red Skies (Joseph Ghio 2006)

Regimen (Joseph Ghio 1999)

Ride the Waves (Barry Blyth 2011)

Rite of Passage (Joseph Ghio 2006)

Ritzy (Ben Hager 2004)

Roaring Twenties (Keith Keppel 2008)

Rocket Randy (Tom Burseen 2002)

Royal Majesty (Keith Keppel 2006)

Royal Mystique (Barry Blyth 2013)

Safari Sunset (Barry Blyth 2001)

Samarkand Road (Barry Blyth 2009)

Seasons in the Sun (Thomas Johnson 2013)

Romantic Lyric (Joseph Ghio 2005)

Romantico (Barry Blyth 2010)

Room for Romance (Barry Blyth 2011)

Round of Applause (Joseph Ghio 2008)

Royal Harlequin (Barry Blyth 2009)

Royal Orders (Barry Blyth 2008)

Ruby Moon (Michael Sutton 2011)

Ruby Royal (Barry Blyth 2011)

Ruby Torch (Barry Blyth 2012)

Rumor Has It (Thomas Johnson 2012)

Sea Power (Keith Keppel 1998)

Show Your Colours (Barry Blyth 2009)

Smoke and Thunder (Barry Blyth 2005)

Starring (Joseph Ghio 1999)

Sterling Trader (Barry Blyth 2012)

Samba Queen (Barry Blyth 2008)

Sassy Sister (Barry Blyth 2014)

Saturn (Thomas Johnson 2005)

Scandinavian Gal (Thomas Johnson 2012)

Sea for Miles (Barry Blyth 2012)

Second Helping (Michael Sutton 2009)

Secret Recipe (Joseph Ghio 2006)

Secret Rites (Keith Keppel 2004)

Secret Weekend (Barry Blyth 2008)

Serena Louisa (Barry Blyth 2010)

Snapparazi (Barry Blyth 2011)

Sorbonne (Keith Keppel 2008)

Sordid Lives (Thomas Johnson 2009)

Splendida (Graeme Grosvenor 2007)

Spring Classic (Graeme Grosvenor 2007)

Strut Your Stuff (Paul Black 2007)

Style Traveller (Barry Blyth 2011)

Sweet Geisha (Barry Blyth 2004)

Sweetly Sung (Barry Blyth 2003)

Temporal Anomaly (Richard Tasco 2007)

Stolen Sweets (Paul Black 2009)

Stop Flirting (Barry Blyth 2002)

Stop the Traffic (Barry Blyth 2007)

Straight Laced (Michael Sutton 2006)

Street Sensation (Barry Blyth 2011)

Stylized (Thomas Johnson 2009)

Sunday Concert (Barry Blyth 2010)

Sunshine and Snow (Schreiner 2001)

Super Model (Thomas Johnson 2007)

Superhero (Joseph Ghio 2011)

Taffeta Princess (Barry Blyth 2013)

Tango Amigo (Barry Blyth 2007)

Tango Express (Barry Blyth 2011)

Taylor Louise (Graeme Grosvenor 2003)

Tempesto (Barry Blyth 2007)

Temple of Time (Barry Blyth 2001)

Treasure Trader (Barry Blyth 2008)

Trial by Fire (Joseph Ghio 2005)

Uptown Lady (Keith Keppel 2009)

Vanilla Frappe (Michael Sutton 2010)

Ten All Round (Barry Blyth 2013)

Terracotta Bay (Barry Blyth 2005)

Thundery (Barry Blyth 2007)

Timely Kiss (Barry Blyth 2013)

Toronto (Thomas Johnson 2011)

Truly Wicked (Barry Blyth 2006)

Tunnel Vision (Keith Keppel 2009)

Tuscan Glow (Barry Blyth 2013)

Tuscan Summer (Keith Keppel 2009)

Up in Flames (Thomas Johnson 2010)

Venus Bay (Barry Blyth 2011)

Vienna Waltz (Keith Keppel 2000)